FISE Montpellier / Junkride Crew Report

Recently, our crew joined second round of freestyle BMX world cup FISE Montpellier. It was one of biggest events of this sport and lot of famous riders came. Our riders Michal Kovačovič, Erik Figar and Tom Havlík shown their skills and enojoyed week in France.





Erik Figar

Erik Figar had great run in Qualification with his dublewhips, flairs and some unique tricks like footplant tailwhip on spine. Erik got nice 30. place in quali within all world riders.


Erik Figar Freestyle BMX PARK Qualification run

Michal Kovačovič

Michal had one great run in qualification but he falls down in second run. Unfortunately both runs count, so it was not enough points to progress.

Tom Havlík

Tom was riding in Amateur category and killed 43. palce between 125 riders.


Final results BMX PARK:

1. Nick Bruce

2. Logan Martin

3. Marin Rantes

4. Brian Fox

5. Irek Rizaev

6. Kostya Andreev

7. Daniel Dhers

8. Colton Walker

9. Jose Torres

10. Daniel Sandoval




Erik Figar

Miniramp trainning was crazy. 80 riders in one miniramp and no time to ride it good. But Erik was successfull run and he get 16. place in qualification. After eavy run finals was canceled so he gets result from quali. Congratulations.




Tom Havlík

Tom got great 10. place in BMX MINI SPINE in Amateur category !

Final results BMX SPINE MINI RAMP:

1. Pat Casey

2. Jose Torres

3. Justin Dowell

4. Joel Bondu

5. Jack Clark

6. Kostya Andreev

7. Irek Rizaev

8. Andres “Shapol”

9. Alex Nikulin

10. Brian Fox




Michal Kovačovič

In spine miniramp I had no training so insted I decided to join BMX STREET contest. It had great atmosphere and riders like Dennis Enarson was awesome. Montpellier was such a great time.


Michal runs at Montpellier:


Final results BMX STREET

1. Dennis Enarson

2. Chad Kerley

3. Bruno Hoffmann

4. Anthony Perrin

5. Dan Lacey

6. Courage Adams

7. Sullyvan Guainceter

8. Michael Fleck

9. Joris Coulomb

10. Corey Martinez



Final results BMX PARK WOMEN

1. Minato Oike

2. Nikita Ducarroz

3. Lara Lessmann

4. Hannah Roberts

5. Teresa Fernández

6. Angie Marino

7. Ellie Chew

8. Elizaveta Posadskikh

9. Nina Buitrago

10. Katherine Diaz 


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