Who is JUNKRIDE Crew ?

We them boys riding bikes, building bikeparks, organising events and taking care about our brand and bikeshop. Riding is our lifestyle, passion and JUNKRIDE is realisation of ourselves. We will ride and share our passion to BMX, freestyle MTB and also SKATE, Snowscoot and all that belongs to it as music and clothing.


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  • We ride freestyle BMX, MTB and also Skate or Snowscoot
  • We build and take care of bike-skateparks
  • We organise events and competitions
  • We run own clothing brand Junkride
  • We run bikeshop with showroom in our freestyle park
  • We distribute BMX and MTB brands
  • We film edits, make photos and share with others



History of JUNKRIDE Crew:

JUNKRIDE originated from a group of boys who built their bike parks, organized bike events and wanted to move their ride further. The beginnings of Junkride were in 2010 and we launched the web and bike e-shop in March 2011. The main idea was to create a site that would inform about all events around the freestyle bike in Slovakia and an e-shop as a source of income for these activities.

The founder of JUNKRIDE Crew is Marek “Maker” Konkoly together with the first riders Filip Pobočík, Palko Hraško, Viktor Orosz and Aďo Bujalko, then joined Tomas Habaj at the beginning of the hall in Šuran and subsequently other riders like Filip Baník, Michal Kovačovič, Adrián Mihalík and so on further.


Story of our name and logo:

The name JUNKRIDE originated for a long time, we wanted to invent something interesting, simple and symbolic. We played with a few words, but we wanted to use the word RIDE, which describes what we do, we ride, and we have combined the word JUNKYARD, which means scrapheap, and why Junkyard? Freestyle sports was not very popular around 2010 in Slovakia. BMX was like “waste” for local people. Bikers just wandered through streets or forests, no bikeparks, and people did not understand this sport.

We finally put the word JUNKYARD and RIDE together and JUNKRIDE was born!



The logo should be easy to remember and express the joy of riding and craziness. The first logo was hand-scratched on paper by pen.

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